Promotional commercial for Albaniada


Promotional commercial for Albaniada In 2012 we shot a commercial for ‘’Albaniada’’ in honour of the 100th anniversary of Albania’s independence.  Its aim was to inform the citizens regarding the traditional games that participants were about to perform.  Shooting a commercial is always fun but shooting in a mountain during the sunset was a [...]

Informative animation for “El Maestro”


Informative animation for “El Maestro” This animation was made for Music and Art School Misbah & Friends, a festival for music and art “El Maestro”. Through this animation we wanted to inform all children and adults about all the event activities during this festival. This animation includes detailed information about the “El Maestro” festival. [...]

Promotional animation of PR Solutions


Promotional animation of PR Solutions PR Solutions has introduced the company through this video clip featuring its main services such as: public relations, media relations, event organizing, graphic design, advertising video production. PR Solutions aims to develop strategies and implement programs to achieve success for all of our clients. This is a 2D animation [...]

Informative animation for Al Petrol & TEB Bank


Informative animation for Al Petrol & TEB Banka While working on the animation about the cooperation between Al Petrol and TEB Bank we put the focus on the benefits of their offer and how it works. The colourful illustrations and clean design have helped this animated video deliver the key message. [...]

Informative video of The Summit fest – 2nd edition


Informative video of The Summit fest 2nd edition This commercial was launched in August 2016. We were excited to continue working on the second video commercial for the Summit Fest hosted by Modus Company. Through this video we have summarized information about this festival.  It was a fun video to work on since it [...]

Informative commercial for Banka Ekonomike


Informative commercial for Banka Ekonomike When we were chosen by Banka Ekonomike to shoot a commercial for their unique offer for agro businesses in 2014, we dedicated our work to emphasize our client’s core values and loyalty to their customers. Thanks to excellent preparations and professional execution we were able to deliver a clear [...]