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We provide competitive prices for all media outlets: TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor and Digital. Having almost 10 years of experience in media relations and PR, we have built great relationships with all kind of media outlets in Kosovo and in the region. Our experienced staff members know how to combine best media outlets with our clients’ objectives for guaranteed performance. Media buys today go beyond the purchase of traditional advertising and include social and digital components easily tracked to know what is working and how to get a higher return on your investment.


In order to have a successful media campaign it is important to target the right people. So we do a lot of research to filter the audiences, identify the demographic, and understand their tastes and preferences. So then we can accordingly design the campaign to suit your business objectives.

Media Planning

Our media planning process includes market analysis, establishing the media objective, setting the strategy, implementation and evaluation.  After we decide on who you are marketing to and how much it will cost you, we will need to make a decision about what type of media you will use. Some options we offer are Internet, television, radio, newspapers, web portals and magazines.

Media Buying

There are several options we have expertise in television, newspapers, web portals, radio, magazines, interactive media platforms and other paid social media networks. As soon as we have a plan, we buy the space in selected media. At this point, we will use our power of negotiating making sure that your company or product gets the best creative solution as possible. Another important thing we focus on is selecting mixed media in order to suit the requirements of both the audience and advertiser.

Performance Report

At the moment that the campaign has started, we monitor selected media to guarantee that everything is going as planned and whether the telecast or broadcast of ad is done properly as decided. We will measure how successful the media plan was and if we met media objectives, or how effective the strategies were.

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